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may 12, 2022
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About Yandere Simulator Mobile

The exclusion of Yandere Simulator from Twitch has left millions of its followers frustrated. This anime game, still in development, involves killing schoolchildren and taking photos of people’s pants. Its mobile one-man founder, known for producing popular YouTube videos that garner hundreds of thousands of views, confirmed the news via a tweet that mentioned other games already banned from Twitch. Despite being in its early stages, Yandere Simulator is a remarkably strong stealth game, featuring impressive visuals and a wealth of content that can keep players engaged for hours.

Psychotic killer on the loose!

Yandere Simulator Mobile is an open world sandbox game that incorporates various anime themes. While games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest offer maximum value to JRPG fans, they can often be monotonous and dull. In Yandere Simulator, you assume the role of a love-struck and possessive girl who is obsessed with her Senpai. You are willing to do anything to get closer to him, including committing violent acts! This game features a captivating storyline that keeps players engaged with numerous subplots.

Yandere Simulator Mobile APK

It’s a classic tale of unrequited love with a surprising twist. You play as Yandere-Chan, a high school girl who is too scared to confess her feelings to Senpai. At first, you are sweet and caring, but if your advances are rejected, your behavior becomes abusive. What would you do in such a situation? In the game, you take matters into your own hands, making any girl who comes close to Senpai disappear forever.

This is a demo version of the game, so there are no set winning criteria. What’s interesting about this game is that you have the freedom to explore different choices and outcomes, making the gameplay feel more accessible and immersive. Best of all, it’s completely free to play.


The gameplay mechanics in Yandere Simulator are reminiscent of the Hitman series, where you must follow a specific objective in a large environment filled with NPCs. You have the option to eliminate your target using stealth, without any witnesses or evidence, or you can resort to brute force and slay anyone who gets in your way. However, be warned that if you leave behind any bodies or blood, the police will connect you to the crime and charge you accordingly.

Alternatively, you can manipulate other characters to get rid of a particular person without getting your hands dirty. For example, you can ruin someone’s reputation and get them expelled from school. Or, if you want to see them suffer, you can persuade other students to harass them before they meet their demise.

However, if you are fixated on a guy who will never reciprocate your love, the game will come to an end. It’s important to note that Yandere Simulator is still in development, so there may be changes and additions to the gameplay mechanics in the future.

Yandere Simulator Mobile Features

In Yandere Simulator, reputation holds significant importance. If any suspicious action is caught, it may lead to students spreading rumors about the player character, ultimately damaging their credibility. A bad reputation will make it challenging to gain the trust of other students, who may view you as untrustworthy. Conversely, a strong reputation will make it easier for you to move around unnoticed.

Your risk level also affects the gameplay. If you act aggressively, your sanity will deteriorate, and you may lose protection from the other students. This behavior will make you appear insane and unrespectable in the eyes of the guy you love, ultimately leading to the end of the game.

The animations in the game are affected by your health status. When your health is good, your killing will be swift and efficient, while poor fitness will result in clumsy and messy killings. If you lose control of your rationality, the animations become more violent and sadistic.

Yandere Vision is a unique feature in the game that can be activated with a dedicated button on the keyboard or controller. It highlights significant characters and items, allowing you to see through walls while making you more conspicuous to others.

Will this game have an online multiplayer mode?

I have no prior knowledge of online gaming development. While it’s possible for me to learn how to implement relevant functions, it would take me a considerable amount of time, and there’s no guarantee of success.

It would be more practical to seek out a mentor or hire someone with experience in developing online multiplayer modes rather than attempting to do it myself.

Can you get Senpai to notice you?

andere Simulator Mobile tells the story of a girl who has lost the love of her Senpai. He will not recognize her until all other girls are out of the picture. Take matters into your own hands by playing Yandere Simulator Mobile and eliminate all of the other students.

The game features multiple possible endings, making it endlessly replayable. Utilize various methods to eliminate the other girls, all while keeping a low profile to avoid catching the attention of your beloved Senpai.

Enjoyable art and character designs

Yandere Simulator Mobile is a love simulation game that incorporates anime aesthetics and other similar features. The characters are meticulously crafted and possess distinct personalities. The game provides a range of useful monitoring tools that allow you to keep an eye on Yandere-chan’s heartbeat and popularity. The non-playable characters are impressive and Senpai can be influenced in various ways.

The firearms are not the smoothest, but the graphics are top-notch. The speech quality has been improved, making the simulator even more immersive.

Yandere-chan has various tactics to eliminate the other students in her school, and the game forces you to make critical decisions. Yandere-chan’s allows you to use various tactics to eliminate other girls and influence Senpai, such as expulsion, poisoning, or even abduction. With its addictive gameplay, the game will keep you engaged for hours.


There are several triggers that can activate pop-ups in Yandere Simulator Mobile, such as being in close proximity to a group of NPCs, wearing suspicious clothing, or using weapons. These pop-ups contain useful information for those who are new to playing the Yandere Simulator Mobile APK.

One example of using a pop-up in the game is through Kokona, who can be used as a demonstration for Ayano to practice ways to eliminate rivals and gather evidence. This allows players to learn different strategies for taking down opponents in the game.


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