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Half Asleep
1 May 2023
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Android 6.0+ Ios 11+

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Melatonin APK is a unique rhythm game that seamlessly blends the world of dreams and reality. It utilizes captivating animations and subtle audio cues to keep you in sync, without intrusive overlays or interruptions. Stay up-to-date with the latest version of Melatonin Game APK by downloading the newest update.

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Melatonin: The Past is an immersive rhythm game that seamlessly merges the realms of dreams and reality. Prepare to be enchanted by its fantastical levels and unexpected challenges. Featuring stunning hand-painted artwork and live music, this game is a captivating experience for all. Immerse yourself in the world of Melatonin, where animation and sound keep you engaged without any jarring overlays or visuals.

Experience a world of wonder in Melatonin, the unique rhythm game for iOS. Take on exciting levels packed with mind-bending challenges that will leave you breathless. Enjoy hand-drawn art and catchy rhythmic music that will keep you in the zone. Delve into the connection between our sleeping dreams and our waking experiences, as you embark on a journey like no other. With Melatonin, you’ll discover a whole new dimension to rhythm gaming.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and intricately detailed world of hand-drawn visuals with gameplay-synced music in this captivating game. Follow the hero on a journey where you’ll collect elements from his life and delve into his vivid dreams. This game is a beautiful storytelling experience with its serene music and stunning visuals that will leave you mesmerized. Although still a lot of fun, The Devil’s Surface takes you on a journey like no other.

Steam packs without Melatonin side effects

The instructions in Melatonin Mobile APK are brief and straightforward. As you progress to higher difficulties, the challenges become more intense but still enjoyable. If you’re seeking a distinctive rhythm game encounter, I highly recommend this game!

This game is very soothing and reminiscent of Lovie’s Rhythm Heaven, featuring stunning artwork and fantastic music. The initial stages of gameplay in Melatonin Mobile are uncomplicated, primarily involving pressing a single button. However, as you progress, new mechanics such as timing a directional pad and executing a call-waiting command are introduced, making for an engaging and unique gameplay experience.

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Melatonin Game Free is a fascinating rhythm game that explores the connection between dreams and reality. The game employs animation and sound to keep players focused without any jarring overlays or visuals.

Embark on an exciting journey through incredible levels packed with mind-bending challenges. The game features stunning hand-drawn art and fun rhythmic music that will keep you engaged throughout.

Immerse yourself in the world of the hero and collect elements from his life, before plunging into his vivid nightly dreams. With gameplay that is both visually and musically compatible, this game offers a truly unique and immersive experience.

Melatonin Android APK isn’t just a sleep aid; it’s a captivating rhythm game that follows the daily life of a man in a pink hat. Players control their dream body and engage in five unique mini-games.

This indie gem is the first release from developer Half Sleep, who is also working on a follow-up title called Block Party. Melatonin for Windows PC is a straightforward game with excellent background music. Unlike Guitar Hero, where the song remains the same no matter the player’s performance, Melatonin’s original music evolves with the increasing difficulty level.

With its innovative approach to rhythm gaming, Melatonin is a must-try for anyone seeking an exciting and fresh gaming experience.

Melatonin’s level progression is reminiscent of Mario, with each stage featuring a different dream each night as you progress. While the game is straightforward, it is far from easy. The gameplay is simple, but players must master timing to achieve maximum scores.

Repetition is key in Melatonin, as players must learn each song to achieve consistent perfection. However, after a while, the repetition can become tiresome. The game’s aesthetic features a pale pink color scheme, but the photos are exceptional. The cartoon-style art is well-suited to the dream theme, with mini-games featuring the dream character indulging in pizza and donuts while flying in a chair.

After passing level 20 in Melatonin, players are left with little to do except perfect their gameplay. While replaying the game is an option, it can quickly become dull. Along with repetitive gameplay, Melatonin struggles with balancing difficulty levels. Players must focus intently on the laser to nail the correct timing, making this simple game challenging and visually stunning.

Melatonin features a sequence of music-related events that occur over a short period of time, which can be quite enjoyable. In fact, Melatonin’s immersive gameplay and music can be overwhelming at times. However, not all mini-games are equally engaging, which can detract from the overall experience.

Features Of Melatonin Game Mobile

  • With over 20 levels to explore across 5 chapters, each featuring a new song, there’s plenty of rhythm gaming fun to be had in Melatonin.
  • Ready for a challenge? Open up hard mode and put your skills to the test with lightning-fast gameplay.
  • Get creative and design your very own rhythm game levels with the intuitive and user-friendly level editor.
  • Perfect your skills and master each level with ease by utilizing the training mode feature.
  • Don’t get stuck, take advantage of the various help functions available to guide you through the game if needed.

Style game

Experience new and exciting challenges as you progress through each level of Melatonin. With each level comes a unique way to keep track of your cadence, ensuring that the game stays fresh and engaging. Unlock additional classes, challenge modes, badges, and more as you complete the game. And if you want to create your own rhythm game levels, the app offers an easy-to-use level editor to bring your ideas to life. The game guides you through the beat, and if you ever get lost, there are support options available to assist you.


Melatonin is a fascinating game that explores the connection between our dreams and our waking experiences. Follow the story of the main characters as you plunge into their vivid and sometimes unsettling nightmares. This game is based on the research and study of the hormone melatonin and its effects on our dream state. Get ready for an immersive experience that will challenge your perceptions and keep you engaged.

The art of music

Experience the beautiful and vibrant world of Melatonin with its hand-drawn artwork and 4K animation. The game’s colorful visual style brings to life the dreamlike landscapes and characters. The carefully crafted live music complements the gameplay and graphics, creating an immersive experience for players.


Melatonin game for Android runs smoothly and the controls are responsive and easy to use. The visuals are beautifully dreamlike and the color palette is enchanting. The game feels like an interactive album, with all the songs displayed and ready to be played. Moreover, the game’s channel automatically transitions from level to level, making for a seamless listening experience.


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1. Download Melatonin Game Mobile file.

2. Touch Allow.

3. Go to Settings >General >VPN&Device Managment > Install downloaded game