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BlueTwelve Studio
Feb 8, 2022
Android 5.0+ Ios 12+

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About Stray Mobile game.

I am still contemplating the perfect way to describe “Stray Mobile” even several days later. The game is a delightful mixture of cuteness and chaos that interweaves somber themes about humanity while also encouraging players to engage in playful cat antics, such as leaving pawprints in fresh paint and finding cozy spots to nap. This unique combination kept me fully engaged in the game from start to finish, and its emotional impact has stayed with me long after I finished playing.

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In “Stray Mobile,” players assume the role of an unnamed orange cat who becomes lost in the sewers of a decaying cybercity after a disastrous leap. The city, referred to as the Dead City by its android inhabitants, is filled with human artifacts, and the player must team up with B-12, a tiny drone equipped with hacking abilities, to uncover the city’s secrets and piece together its history through “memories.”

The developers have paid meticulous attention to capturing the charm and mischievousness of cats in the game’s mechanics. For example, when first placed in the harness, the cat stumbles and falls, just like a real cat would. The game even includes a dedicated “meow” button, and the cat character will meow randomly, adding to the game’s immersive and dreamlike atmosphere.

sing the L2 and R2 triggers, players can simulate a cat’s behavior by clawing at doors and furniture, leaving scratch marks or knocking objects off tables. These actions can serve a purpose in gameplay, such as breaking a glass cage by knocking down a paint can in one challenge, but others are purely for fun, such as the cat getting its head stuck in a sack or curling up for a nap.

The level design in “Stray Mobile” is heavily influenced by the player’s ability to traverse the environment like a cat, with parkour moves such as jumping from air conditioning units to balconies and scaling telephone poles. This verticality turns the city’s alleyways, neon signs, and decrepit apartment buildings into a sprawling jungle gym.

Puzzle-solving sections are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, reminiscent of “Half-Life 2,” where players must use their surroundings in creative ways to solve physics-based challenges. For instance, players can push boards to create paths or roll overturned barrels like a hamster wheel to serve as stairs. These puzzles encourage players to think outside the box and analyze their surroundings in novel ways.

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While “Stray Mobile” is not a challenging game and comes with low stakes such as no fall damage and limitless lives, it still manages to create tension during its action-packed sequences. Zurks, small insects that consume anything in sight and swarm the city’s slums, serve as terrifying enemies. These creatures resemble headcrabs from Half-Life and cling onto players in the same manner. Their unsettling screams and jerky movements create an unnerving atmosphere, making players panic and hit the button to shake them off even though they know they can immediately retry the level if they die.

Even with the help of a weapon, a ray cannon controlled by B-12 that blasts UV rays, Zurks remain a hazardous threat, especially in groups. The sound of a fuse exploding with a swarm of Zurks scrambling towards the player while the cannon overheats never fails to make the player’s stomach plummet.

“Stray Mobile” excels in level design and environmental storytelling, creating a vivid, living world from the first moments in the slums. Despite its name, the city feels alive, as if it’s a character watching over the player, a poor stray kitten wandering into something much greater than itself. The invisible mechanical force guiding the path is quickly revealed to be B-12, with string lights flashing one by one to show which ledges to jump to and surveillance cameras monitoring the player’s movements with a quiet mechanical hum.

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The majority of “Stray Mobile’s” narrative is conveyed through memories and environmental cues, which led me to closely examine each location in search of answers about the city’s past. Despite the game’s slow reveal of information, I found myself immersed in the game world, content to simply explore without any real objective. However, “Stray Mobile” is not without its flaws. In the third act, the game shifts focus to out-of-place stealth mechanics, requiring the player to navigate a generic, concrete structure that feels disconnected from the rest of the city. The game’s controls can also be challenging at times, particularly when attempting to descend to ground level, as the camera may not always provide a clear indication of where to jump. A prompt indicating which surfaces are accessible would have helped to avoid this frustration.


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3. Go to Settings >General >VPN&Device Managment > Install downloaded game