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The benefits of using Need for Speed Underground 2 Android & iOS are as follows: Mobile version of the game for all systems! Full game – small size! Graphics almost the same! Controls the way you like!
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Manuel Rios
Nov 6, 2020
Android 4.1+ Ios 10+

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About Need for Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed: Underground 2, released in 2004, is the eighth installment of the popular Need for Speed game series and serves as a sequel to the game Need for Speed: Underground. This game features free-roaming capabilities, a first for the Need for Speed franchise. Set in the fictional town of Bayview, the game offers a range of customization options for players, including the ability to modify almost all aspects of their vehicles, such as lights, bumpers, side mirrors, stereos, and spinners. The game also features the Speed Star Rating system from the previous game. In addition to visual tuning, players can also customize their vehicle’s performance by installing various performance upgrades.

More about NFS 2 Underground 2 Mobile

In Need for Speed: Underground 2 apk, players have the option to fine-tune and use a Dyno Loop to enhance their car’s performance. Another new feature is the ability to meet star rating thresholds and be featured on the cover of a magazine. If the player meets these thresholds, they will receive a call from Rachel informing them of the cover shoot location, which they must reach before the photographer leaves.


After winning the final game in Olympic Town, defeating Eddie’s team, the player is crowned as the best street driver in Olympic City. A mysterious bald man appears on the player’s video screen and invites them to join his team, but warns them not to answer. Defiantly, the player ends the call. On the way to a game, Samantha calls and invites the player to a party where they can meet some interesting people. While waiting in a dark alley, a black Hummer H2 suddenly appears, blinding the player with its headlights and attempting to ram their Skyline. The player crashes, and a man with a  tattoo on his hand crawls through their window, claiming to have taken care of a problem.

Explore the City

In Free-Roam mode, you’ll need to navigate the winding streets of Bayview. Take in the sights and familiarize yourself with the lay of the land so that you’re not intimidated when it’s time to hit the road. Keep an eye out for new challenges as they arise and be sure to find shortcuts that can give you an edge in the competition. Expand your racing portfolio by exploring different areas of the city and competing in races across the map.

Tune Up Your Ride

In Need for Speed Underground 2, you enter a highly competitive world where no one is just playing for fun. Everyone is striving to win, and to do so, you’ll need much more than what the dealer initially puts in your car.

The game offers a range of real-life car models such as Acura RSX, Ford Focus , Nissan Skyline and more, for you to choose from. Customize your ride by adjusting bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, hoods, frames, plates, lights, paint and more to create a unique car that stands out from the rest.

You can also add new components to your car to enhance its performance in different areas. Modify the engine, steering, suspension, tires, weight and more to achieve maximum performance.

The game also features a dyno tuning program for you to fine-tune your car’s performance to your desired standard. Adjust the stiffness of the springs, shock system weights, tire grips, gear ratios and more to get the best possible performance out of your vehicle.

Additionally, explore various shops to purchase new vehicle parts and upgrade your ride. With all these options available, you’ll be able to create a top-performing, customized car that can dominate the competition.


The configuration choices from Need for Speed: Underground are heavily featured in Underground 2. Players can modify nearly all aspects of their vehicles, including lights, bumpers, side mirrors, stereos, and spinners. The Speed Star Rating system is also used to rate players’ performance. Customization of performance is just as extensive as visual tuning, with players being able to install various upgrades to improve their vehicle’s output. Recent features include fine-tuning and a Dyno Loop to change the car’s efficiency. If players meet certain star rating thresholds, they will be invited to appear on the cover of a publication. Rachel will call to inform them of the cover shoot’s location, but players must hit it before the photographer leaves. During the photo shoot, players will enter photo mode and can drive around to find the perfect shot to showcase their customizations.

Need for Speed Underground 2 mobile

Need for Speed Underground 2 mobile is the ultimate successor to its predecessor. With an array of customization options for your vehicle, a plethora of challenges to compete in, and a futuristic community to explore, there is no shortage of excitement in Bayview. Set your sights on victory and take to the streets today.

Why do people love NFS Underground 2?

Need for Speed Underground 2 Mobile is a classic racing game with a long history, and although there hasn’t been a fully updated version in a while, it remains a must-play for racing fans. The objective of the game is to race through and complete the storyline by beating increasingly skilled opponents. With a large selection of cars available for purchase, players can customize their engines and controls to enhance performance.

Additionally, players can personalize their vehicle’s appearance to make it unique. The game is suitable for all age groups and skill levels, and its appeal is universal. Many fans have fond memories of tuning their cars in the game, making it a beloved classic. You can experience the game on either an iOS or Android device by downloading the Underground 2 app.

Advantages of Playing Need for Speed Underground 2 on Android & iOS

The mobile version of Need for Speed Underground 2 is available for all systems! Whether you prefer the iOS or Android edition, you can enjoy the full version of the game on any smartphone or tablet, regardless of how old or outdated it may be. However, the game may not be compatible with older versions of iOS or Android, so make sure your device is no more than five years old.

Despite being a full game, we have optimized the data to make the game as small as possible without compromising on the features. Although it may take longer to load, the game promises the same experience as the original version with all the apps and possibilities intact.

The graphics are almost the same as the original version, with only minor differences that are hardly noticeable. This is great news for gamers who are used to playing on emulators and simulators that often distort the visuals.

In addition, the controls can be fully customized to suit your preferences, making the game intuitive and user-friendly. This is what makes Need for Speed Underground 2 the best choice for a mobile racing game!

Is it wise to use Need for Speed Underground 2 APK?

If you’re a fan of driving games and looking to play NFS Underground 2 on your mobile device, there’s not much more to say. The game is incredibly fun and can keep you entertained for days, if not weeks. It has received one of the highest ratings in the racing game genre, not just within NFS. So, we highly recommend giving it a try on your phone or tablet. You won’t regret playing this game!