Another Girl in The Wall


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Jhon Capybara Dev
Dec 22, 2022
Android 5.0+ Ios 10+

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Experience an interactive game called “Another Girl in the Wall” on your Android device or Windows PC, where you control a girl trapped inside a wall. With various options to choose from, interact with the character and select different actions to entertain yourself.

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The narrative begins with the revelation of a gruesome murder that occurred in a house located in the Hidden City. Since then, the house has been abandoned and locked up, but people have reported strange occurrences, including sightings of another girl in the wall. Intrigued by these reports, our protagonist decides to enter the house.

As soon as they step inside, the door slams shut behind them, and they must figure out a way to escape the mansion. Examining their surroundings may provide clues as to what is happening.

To the right of the door, a cabinet with a candle on top can be found on the shelf. Tapping it will allow for closer examination, and tapping again will add it to the inventory list as “candles.” Opening the middle drawer requires pulling the handle, and a picture inside can be viewed by tapping on it to zoom in.

Upon returning home, the protagonist discovers a stranger who had been lingering in their front yard for three hours. By examining the provided photographs, they hope to uncover any further information.

How To Play

To examine the umbrella more closely, simply tap on it. Repeat the previous step to add it to your inventory, labeled as “umbrella.” To move it out of the way, tap on the right side of the jacket’s sleeve, revealing a torn paper in the pocket beneath.

Record any relevant information in your notes by tapping on the paper. The second section of the note is particularly important, as it describes a ghost wearing the left jacket who appeared after removing a ticket from a pocket, subsequently transporting the protagonist away.

Next, explore the rightmost of the five cells by using the arrow to the right. Upon entering, an object moved on its own within seconds. Tap on the object to add it to your inventory as a “cup.”


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How to install Another Girl in The Wall for IOS?

1. Download Another Girl in The Wall file.

2. Touch Allow.

3. Go to Settings >General >VPN&Device Managment > Install downloaded game