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March 04, 2023
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About the game

Throughout our childhood, we were exposed to various detective shows, which sparked our imaginations about the potential motives that could turn someone into a criminal. Nevertheless, in our day-to-day lives, opportunities to apply critical thinking in such a manner are scarce. These shows also depicted how impostors utilized tactics and strategies to mislead detectives. While these traits may not be directly applicable in reality, there is a game called Among Us, where you can utilize all your critical thinking skills, whether you assume the role of a detective or a criminal.

among us mod

The game Among Us was developed by Innersloth LLC and is a multiplayer game where multiple players participate, but none of them know who among them is the imposter in the group of crewmates. To identify the imposter, you must utilize critical thinking skills, and if you become the imposter, you must apply various tactics to conceal your identity from the other crewmates.

As an imposter, your objective is to eliminate all crewmates individually, whereas, as a crewmate, you must complete your assigned tasks dutifully. This game is captivating as it tests your mental abilities. If you are up for the challenge, we suggest reading this article before embarking on this adventure.

What is Among Us APK?

Among Us is an action-packed game where an imposter infiltrates a spaceship alongside other crew members. This game features a two-way gameplay mechanism, enabling you to play either as an imposter or a crewmate. If you choose to play as an imposter, you will be responsible for assassinating crewmates, creating panic amongst them, and accomplishing assigned tasks. Conversely, if you decide to be a crewmate, you will need to carry out your designated tasks while simultaneously identifying the imposter.

What is Among Us MOD APK?

The Among Us Mod APK is a modified version of the original game. In the standard version, you lack the autonomy to choose whether you want to play as a crew member or an imposter. However, with the modified version, you can play as an imposter in every game you play. Additionally, this version eliminates ads that may disrupt your gameplay.

among us mod

 How to Win Among Us as a Crew Mate?

As we are aware, the objective of the imposter in Among Us is to eliminate all the crewmates to emerge victorious. However, if you wish to win the game as a crewmate, you must complete all the assigned tasks as promptly as possible. As a crewmate, it is essential to finish all the tasks before the imposter eliminates other crewmates. If you can complete all the tasks before the imposter reaches you, you will win the game.

How Can I Identify the Imposter in Among Us?

Spotting an imposter in Among Us can be challenging, but you can employ critical reasoning to identify them. Imposters often feign tasks to appear involved in the crew’s activities. However, you can discern an imposter if a crewmate is repeating a specific task since no two crewmates are given the same task twice. Below are some of the false tasks that imposters frequently attempt: aligning engine output, assembling artifacts, charting courses, purchasing beverages, and cleaning O2 filters.

Features of the Among Us

Two Way Gameplay

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Among Us mod roles is the ability to play the game in two distinct ways. This implies that you can opt to be on either the right or left side. On the right side, you will play as a crewmate who demonstrates commitment to aiding others on the spaceship and resolving any issues. Conversely, on the left side, you will assume the role of an imposter, making you the culprit among the crewmates. As an imposter, you must eliminate all the crewmates and complete any assigned tasks.

Use of Weapons

In Among Us, you cannot choose whether to play as an imposter or a crewmate as it is randomly assigned to you. However, if you happen to be an imposter, you must utilize weapons to eliminate the other crewmates and avoid detection. Additionally, you can perform fake tasks to create the illusion of involvement with the crewmates.

Become a Ghost

If an imposter successfully kills a crew member in Among Us, the crewmate will become a ghost. As a ghost, the crewmate can assist other crewmates in completing tasks, but cannot interact with them directly. They can only share their ideas and suggestions during meetings.

Commence a Meeting

During gameplay in Among Us, if you suspect a crew member of being the imposter, you can initiate a meeting where other crewmates can join. This allows you to discuss your suspicions and gather opinions from other players. The game provides a text chat option to communicate your thoughts and ideas with other players during meetings.

Multiplayer Game

Among Us is a multiplayer game that cannot be played alone. A secure internet connection is necessary to play this game as it requires the participation of other players.

Features of the Among Us Mod APK

Always Become an Imposter

In the original version of Among Us, players cannot choose whether to play as a crew mate or an imposter. However, for players who want to always play as an imposter, a modified version of the game has been developed for their convenience.

Unlocked Gameplay

One advantage of Among Us Mod APK is that it offers an unlocked gameplay experience. As an imposter, you will need certain weapons, and all these weapons are available and unlocked in this version. Moreover, this modified version also removes all ads, giving you a seamless gaming experience.


If you tend to get bored playing the same role in a game, Among Us offers a two-way gameplay, allowing you to choose between playing as a crew mate or imposter. However, if you always want to play as an imposter, you can download the modified version from our website.

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1. Download Among Us Mod file.

2. Touch Allow.

3. Go to Settings >General >VPN&Device Managment > Install downloaded game